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Internet of Things

Internet of Things' rapidly evolving technologies have changed innovation at an unseen pace. loT Consult analyzes and covers 5 disruption areas:

How do we deal with the openings that loT brings to our defense. Opening your firewalls and creating remote access to infrastructure components, provide a new challenge for our telecommunications infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning and preventive maintenance are two of the key substances of AI, machines by them self are not intelligent, somebody need to feed the intelligence into them. According to leading experts, we have to wait until 2030 to see the first self learning machines.

Data and Analytics
When does big data become so big, that nobody wants it anymore. Already now some organisations are asking them self, why nobody is using their huge data sets. Helping organising and structuring data, to find a purpose, is key to real Big Data Analytics.

With the age of Internet of Things, came also multiple new ways of communicating between devices. Protocols such as Zigbee, Z-wave, wM-Bus, Bluetooth, Arktic, 6LowPAN, HEART etc. have made their entry to the market. Which one is the best for your solution is all determined from its digital ecosystem.

Endpoint Technology
Making things smart, just for the sake of it does not bring value to anybody. Too often sensors are being developed, just to find that somebody already included this function in an other product.

We help companies reach their full digital potential, without making the classic mistakes - reducing the learning curve of development departments significantly.

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The classic telecommunications infrastructures provide the basic foundation for all internet communication. loT Consult has been involved in this development for more than 30 years, helping its clients identify the best path of implementation.

We also work within telecommunications standards, in industry groups such as:

  • IEEE 802.3 – Ethernet standards
  • ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 – Telecommunications standards
  • IEC SC48B – Electrical communications interfaces

Within this space, we analyze and cover the following disruptive areas:

Low Power Wide Area Networks
Its still early for low speed, low power wide area networks, not many companies have experience. Making the right choice and identifying the right work space, will allow your solutions to interact in the right ecosystem. Making decisions based on technology alone, will leave some companies or organisations in a position where it will be hard to recover from.

Single Pair communications with power
The use of single pair Ethernet with power, will change many industries. Ranging from home automation networks to industrial sensors, we foresee that the uptake of SPE will lower the cost of infrastructure significantly, as well as it will evolve into new industries where Ethernet have not yet been.

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Board of Directors

loT Consult provide qualified board members to your Board of Directors or Advisory Board. Educated from the best board certification organisations, such as Copenhagen Business School – Executive Board educations and Franklin Covey Executive management institute.

Our experience and governance provide value to business owners and shareholders, as we:

  • Create value driven digitalissation - Digitalissation brings value to the company, owners and customers if the organisation understand its digital value and place in the ecosystem
  • Manage organisational change -We identify and change organisations to bring the highest value to the customer, company and in turn the shareholder or owner, by allowing the organisation to expand its full potential
  • Encourage Social leadership - Meet the world with the same respect and dignity, as you would expect to be meet your self. Our experience show that many top managers are lacking the the social compass, simply because they do not meet organisational resistance
  • Define goals and success- The necessity of clear goal, even for the executive management team, is clear. Experience show that the whole organisation performs better and provide better results. Today's complexity in organisations, often result in conflicting goals for departments
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