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Billions of electronic devices are being made, sold and disposed of every year - a cycle that drives short-term profits for electronics manufactures, but comes with too high a cost for the planet we share.

Time to re-think IT

In the world of computing, we have learned that the complexity of computers often leaves users without any chance of upgrading their systems. Upgrading a system requires special skills, which are only held by few, as well as access to spare parts and components, that are often limited in availablity.

We have created a world where we buy and use electronics and computeres, until we deem them obsolete, or simply just fancy a new model.

When this happens we abandon the old devices and focus on the new devices to take over.

This trend has created a huge waste management problem globally, as we are scrapping more than 60 million tonnes of electronics each year.

The companies that are designing and manufacturing our devices must take into account the signiftcant impacts they are having on our planet and the increasing demand from the public to define innovation not by fewer millimeters and more megapixels, but by how they are made – with renewable energy, reusable materials, and long-lasting design.

IoT Infrastructure A/S is focused around creating solutions, that will extend lifetime of existing infrastructures such as buildings, offices, hotels and homes.

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Using existing building infrastructure, as long as possible, provides clear benefits. As most of the cost, related to the infrastructure, consists of fixed past investments, and given relatively low current operating costs, each additional year of service will produce high value, as the asset is amortized. The infrastructural problem is clear; the condition of the infrastructure keeps deteriorating as a result of ageing, usage and various external factors.

Eventually, the asset may lose its ability to function cost-effectively or even to function at all, unless extended by adaptation of intelligent building management systems such as DEXTRA.IO.

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Extending the lifetime of a building is the most efficient way of reducing the environmental footprint that each building leaves.

Recent studies have shown that the longer the service time of a building, the smaller the total energy consumption and environmental impact. Taking into account the environmental impact of recycling building materials and infrastructures.Energy consumption, environmental impacts and effective measures of green office buildings: A life cycle approach (Guozhu Mao et. al)
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IoT Consult is a process and business oriented consultancy looking at the longer impact of Internet of Things, we focus on delivering end-user value and sustainable business models for our clients, by minimizing the global environmental impact from internet of Things.

Most IoT (Internet of Things) solutions are today battery powered, which in time will create a deep environmental impact, as the yearly growth of IoT devices, will bring the total installed number of devices past the 100 Billion mark in 2025.

IoT Consult contribute to the next generation of devices by standardizing and helping developing the right infrastructure to support an increase of devices in the years to come.

IoT Consult helps businesses creating their digital strategy, based on a "How to" mindset, utilizing several resources and experts within the field of technology and use cases, keeping the user value in focus.

Let's imbrace the world of innovation by demanding an environmental impact, change only whats necessary to adapt to new technology.

IoT Consult is a part of IoT Gruppen A/S

About Us

We believe that technology should help preserving existing infrastructures and extend lifetime of already taken investments.

Making our life's smarter and easier to administrate, should allow us to extend the economical and environmental life span of a building, by adapting to smart technology implementation with a minimum of components changed.

The creation of a common platform for loT devices allow us to reduce the technical footprint within buildings, as well as providing an increased user experience, when combining multiple solutions into one common management system, using only one common gateway.

Our Team

Picture of Allan

Allan Nielsen

Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience within telecommunications and internet value creation. Has been working with the Internet of Things at strategic levels, since 2008. Holder of IoT infrastructure patents. Allan holds a Merc.d degree from UNC, as well as Board certificates from CBS.

Picture of Thomas

Thomas Peter Berntsen

Chief Technology Officer

Serial Entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience within the tech sector. Has been working with IoT at both strategic and technical levels since 2007.

Picture of Lene

Lene Grønhøj Nielsen

Chief Financial Officer

Well experienced CFO from Media, PR, International trade and Electrical wholesale business. Have been working with B2B and corporate structures. Lene holds a degree in finance, as well as she is an registered accountant.